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Customer Relationship Management

CRM helps Build a Relationship with Customers that,
in turn, Creates Loyalty and Customer Retention.

for every dollar spent 
 CRM ROI is 871% 

The Importance of


Customer relationship management is an application used to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers. Using comprehensive data for interaction, and historical analysis to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.


Functionality & Integrations

MultiChannel CRM Communications


Integrate Email accounts and store communications threads with clients

Social Chat

Integrate Social Media profiles and communicate with Clients

Live Chat

Communicate directly from your website for immediate Customer Support


Make Calls, prompt Reminders, and Log Communications


In Dashboards monitor Lead analytics, deal insights, activity stats, email analytics, and more

Sales Funnels

Analyze sales activity, track numbers in every stage, and measure sales process efficiency


Compare users, teams, territories, with a range of parameters, and against each other


Compare a variety of metrics across multiple modules, and monitor performances

In-Depth CRM Analytics

Projects, Tasks, & Collaboration

Gantt Charts

Project planning, resources, tasks, management, and tracking progress with calendars and Gantt charts.


Collaborative task management for teams large and small with time tracking, reminders, dependencies, and more.


Communication, collaboration, workgroups, team chat, video conferencing, and document sharing

Client Accounts

Client and projects managed in one place with billable hour tracking, quotes, invoices and online payments

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Benefits of CRM

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Dynamic Data Business Culture

Facilitated Communication

Project Management

Lead Generation

Improved Performance

Increased Customer Retention

Project & Task Management

Facilitated Collaboration

Task Management

Sales Funnel & Prospect Rating

Instant Reporting & Metrics

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then your Business will be out of business.
Bill Gates
Microsoft Founder

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