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Online Marketing Reaches & Serves the interest of:

4.5 Billion Internet Users
3.8 Billion Social Media Users
3.5 Billion SmartPhone Users

World Population 0 Billion
Internet Users 58%
Social Media Users 48%
Smart & Feature Phone Users 61%

Grow Your Business Online

The Internet is Global Market Access

The Importance of

Online Marketing

Xposé eMarketing is a comprehensive Online Marketing solution using the internet to leverage a variety of digital channels. eMarketing streamlines and automates marketing activities and workflows starting from SEO to create ideal content, which readers can easily find on Search Results, Search Advertising, and Social Media. Searches are converted to Clicks and visitors become prospects that are converted to clients through meticulous drip campaigns, and marketing automation. Where good customer relations are maintained and retained through a detailed CRM.

eMarketing Services


Quality Content communicates a message, attracts and educates readers, and persuades them to purchase a product or service.


Search engine marketing matches content wirth SEO adn SEA for higher rank on Search Results.


Creating and sharing content on social media networks, and establish brand loyalty.


An application for managing relationships and interactions with customers and prospects of a business


Reduces Costs
Increases Customer Retention
Improves Performance
Boosts Revenues

Online Marketing Integrations

Drip Campaigns

A series of pre-written marketing messages using multiple channels that move leads down the sales funnel in their customer journey and scoring their intent to buy.

Activity Tracking

Website visitor tracking allows you to see, in real time, when someone is visiting a website, what pages, how much time they spend, providing insight into their behavior and interest.


Customer Relationship Management integration with eMarketing enhances progressive profiling of customers, measuring interest levels with lead scoring, engaging inactive leads, and much more.

Customer Journey & The Sales Funnel

Lead Generation

occurs when prospects submit their names and contact information for a specific product/service promotion.

Lead Nurturing

is the process of providing Leads with relevant information about products/services to move them through their buyer journey

Lead Scoring

 a methodology to determine the worthiness of leads by attaching values to interest in products or services.

Benefits of Online Marketing


User Experience

Conver Prospects to Customers

Present the Right Offers at the right Time

Stimulate Customers Across Multiple Channels

Word-of-Mouth and Social Sharing


Team Performance

Prioritizing Leads

Call Only Interested Leads

Automatic Follow-Up

Reduce Conversion Time

Customer Retention

Know Exactly When to Call


Return On Investment

Increase Revenues


Recovering Lost Opportunity

Workflow Automation

An Online Presence is Not Enough!
Every Business Needs a Marketing Edge
to Grow Online

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