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The Importance of


Search engine marketing, SEM, is an online marketing strategy that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their rank and visibility on Search Engine Results Pages—SERPs. SEM incorporates Search Engine Optimization--SEO, Search Engine Advertising--SEA, site performance, Content Marketing, and a variety of tools to enhance the website, and the overall user experience as that is the ultimate goal of big search engines such as Google.

Effective Search Engine Marketing

Keywords & Terms

Keywords & search terms are the core component of effective SEO, SEM, and online presence


The Search Engine Results Page is where search results appear, and high ranking sites appear first.

Quality Score

Quality Score is based on: Click-Through Rate, AD Relevance, and Landing Page Experience.

Valuable Content

Valuable content using keywords providing visitors with useful information, resulting in higher SERP.


Backlinks are incoming links from other websites, popular websites improve rank and quality score.


Fast & stable websites affect the User Experience (UX) on the Frontend, and search on the Backend.

Search Engine Optimazation

Search Engine Optimization--SEO can be identified as a set of best practices for superior digital marketing and website development. It imposes the necessity for a well-constructed and user-friendly website, with valuable and engaging content. Moreover, the trustworthiness for other websites and individuals to be recommend by linking to pages and sharing it on social media.

SERP Results

67% of all the clicks are from the top 5 listings on a SERP

Google Results

71% of searches resulted from an organic click on page one of Google

Search Engine
Market Share

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising are paid ADs displayed directly among the search results on the Search Engine Results Page--SERP. Paid ads are shown to users who are actively searching for specific keywords, and fees are paid every time an ad is clicked. This type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is especially effective because people who conduct searches tend to reveal a lot about their intent with their search query. SEA operates using an auction-based system, where automated bids are placed on behalf of advertisers for relevant keywords and search terms. Methodical keyword selection determines which searches will display the ads, so without a an in-depth analysis of keywords and search terms, potential target customers can be missed. ADs are chosen by search engine algorithms based on a variety of factors.

AD Relevance

AD relevance is optimized usage of Keywords in relevant AD copy, on well structured AD campaigns, related to Landing Pages.

Click Through Rate - CTR

A metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on paid ADs per number of times it is shown, or Impressions.

Landing Pages

A standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing campaign, where a visitor “lands” when they Click on ADs.

On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.
Duane Forrester
Senior Product Manager

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing


Analysis &

in-Depth analysis of: current website SEO, main competitors, Industry practices, and study User search volumes for search terms.

Search Engine Advertising

Design and implement a comprehensive Search AD campaign to market and remarket products/services within a planned sales funnel.

Search Engine Optimization

Revising pages and content to include analyzed search terms within updated best-practices and search algorithms for higher quality score and results.

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Bill Gates
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