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What Colors Can Reveal About Businesses

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What Colors Can Reveal About Businesses

What Brand Colors Can Reveal About Your Business

Your brand’s colors can tell more than you can imagine about your business. The psychology of color can help your business establish trust and familiarity by eliciting the right emotions. It’s no surprise that the most popular brands in the world have a strong association with their logos. Their colors tend to reflect their branding, even when they don’t involve any text on them.

This is due to the power of colors and their ability to increase the brand recognition with the desired reactions that they may provoke. Studies have found that a product’s color influences 60 to 80% of a customer’s purchasing decision. This means that the right choice of color does not only strengthen the brand association, but it can also affect your total sales.

How Do People Respond to Brand Colors?

Every color elicits a different response from humans. Colors can be divided into two main categories: warm and cool. Warm colors tend to be associated with energy, while cool colors are linked with calmness and security.

But how do each of the following colors affect us and what does that mean for your brand? Here’s an overview of what differentiates each color and how your brand can pick the right mix of them.


Red evokes a passionate and visceral response. It is a color that increases your heart rate, makes your breath faster, and is generally associated with energy, excitement, and passion. It’s one of the colors that is attention-grabbing, while it can also be provocative and excitable.

Color code: aggressive, energetic, provocative, attention-grabbing, passionate


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